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Kids and Piano Music: Start Early for the Most Benefits

For those who have kids, did you know that piano music could greatly benefit them in the future? This is true for those who learn how to play the piano, as well as those who just listen to some great masterpieces on the piano. If you are like most parents you may feel that it will be impossible to get your child to put the video games down or to stop watching the latest craze on television in order to listen to classical music. However, do reap the benefits from classical music, the child simply has to have this going on in the background. With this being said:

  1. Play this in the car when they are riding with you
  2. Have this in the background while cooking dinner in which they can hear
  3. While doing homework, for older kids, have this softly playing in the background
  4. Integrate this whenever you can for the most benefits

What the Benefits of Listening to Piano Music

So what is it about the piano that makes it something worth listening to? There have been many researchers who have tried to answer this question, and have found:

  • Kids who listen to music while taking tests seem to always do better
  • The brain stimulation in kids can mean better grades, paying better attention and the like
  • It can spark the imagination even more than before
  • It can lead to engagement about what you are listening to and this can lead to more in-depth conversations

Who to Listen to?

There are several piano pieces out there that a person can choose to let their children listen to. However, you are going to find that if you have no idea as to whether to start, these artists are going to be some of the greatest of all time to listen to:

  • Bach
  • Mozart
  • Schubert
  • Chopin
  • Beethoven
  • Brahms
  • Mendelssohn
  • Schumann
  • Wagner
  • Ravel
  • Debussy
  • Stravinsky
  • Rachmaninoff

Try numerous artists out and let you little one just the one that is their favorite. They will forever be grateful for the attention you have paid their mind and they will be a better person for this.

piano inspiration

Piano Pieces to Inspire Your Creativity

There are several jobs in the world that require a person to think outside the box. Every day they are using their creativity and genius thoughts to make a new project, to get a job completed on time, or to simply improve the process of how things run. With this in mind, what happens when this creativity is not coming or is simply stalled? Many adults face this conundrum every day. They feel as though their creativity is absent, that their minds simply cannot come up with anything that is going to be unique.

There are several ways in which a person can help to spur on their creativity. For example, many people suggest a person to start looking at new angles, or to simply step away and come back later. However, what most people do not realize is that music can help with creativity.  Playing music is an excellent way to spur on your creativity. However, for those who cannot play, even listening to a piece can prove to help with the creative juices.

Piano Pieces that Inspire

There are several pieces that you are going to find can help to inspire you to become more creative or simply think outside of the box. With these pieces you will find that playing them in the background while thinking about a problem or simply taking a few minutes to completely devote to listening will prove to be beneficial.

  1. Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement – Beethoven
  2. Piano Concerto No. 21, Andante – Mozart
  3. Winter, Four Seasons – Antonio Vivaldi
  4. Preludio, Partitia in E Major – Bach
  5. Piano Trio in E-flat major, 2nd movement – Schubert
  6. Piano Quarter in C Minor, Opus 60, 3rd movement – Brahms

Of course this is just a small sampling of the piano music that is out there. And what works for one person in inspiring them may not work for another. The key is to find the piece that helps to get the creative juices flowing and are going to allow you to start thinking at a much faster rate, as well as thinking more originally.


relaxing piano

Piano Music to Relax and Soothe the Mind

One of the reasons that piano music is widely circulated is due to this having a calming and soothing effect. Think of the music that doctor offices often play…it relaxes you. Also, consider the music that is found on most albums dedicated to helping you relax and finally fall to sleep. Piano music has the ability to relax and soothe the mind, hence the reason that it is found in these types of scenarios. But why is this? What is it about the sounds that the piano that can turn a stressed, troubled mind into one that is fully relaxed?

Why Piano Music is Soothing

This is a question that has been asked by several researchers throughout the years. These researchers have found a variety of aspects about the piano:

  1. Playing the piano can actually help those who are stressed as it allows their mind to focus purely on the music rather than on their everyday worries.
  2. Piano is a great form of therapy for many children who deal with ADHD or autism and is widely used throughout the country for these reasons.
  3. Psychiatrists find using piano music to be a great way to help their clients open up instead of worrying about what they may say.

So why is the piano so helpful? For those who play the piano, it takes concentration in order to do this. Thus, they are able to escape from their thoughts during their playing. For those who are listening, the soft melodies that the piano gives are going to help to make you relax.

Ready to Relax?

Are you ready to relax? If so, here are a few piano pieces that are going to help you to do just that:

  1. 3 – Sergey Rachmaninov
  2. Clare de lune, for piano – Claude Debussy
  3. Aria – Robert Schumann
  4. Andante cantabile – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. Bagatelle for piano in A minor – Ludwig van Beethoven
  6. Andante expressivo – Johannes Brahms
  7. The Blue Danube – Johann Strauss II
  8. Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven
  9. Raindrops – Chopin
  10. Canon in D – Pachelbel

For those who may want to let the worries of the day melt away, then you will find that piano music can be rather soothing to any stressed and overworked mind.


10 Romantic Piano Pieces for a Romantic Supper

Romantic piano pieces are some of the best types of music for those who are wanting to have a romantic dinner with their significant other. In fact, most fancy restaurants in major cities are going to be playing an assortment of these types of songs to ensure that everyone is feeling the mood as they should be. For those who are at home, and want to ensure that their candlelit supper is at it should be, there are several piano pieces that are going to fit this need:

  1. Claire de Lune – Debussy
  2. Goldberg Variations for keyboard, BWV 988 – Bach
  3. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
  4. June: Barcarolle – Tchaikovsky
  5. Minuet in G : Beethoven
  6. October: Autumn Song – Tchaikovsky
  7. Distant Dance – Manuel de Falla
  8. Cornish Rhapsody – Hubert Bath
  9. Overture – Richard Rodney Bennett
  10. Michelle – John Lennon / Paul McCartney

Setting the Mood

For these romantic piano pieces, be sure that you are setting the mood. When going to a restaurant that classifies itself as a romantic dinner getaway, you will notice that these restaurants are utilizing amber light to help set the right mood, along with candles or low lighting. At home, consider dimming your lights, placing candles on the table where you will be eating, utilizing proper place settings and a meal that is going to be more than just your everyday cooking. The great news is that with these piano pieces, you will find that the romantic air to the meal is going to be present, no matter what.

Be sure that you are not blasting the noise level on these pieces. They are best heard softly in the background to help set the mood. You still want to allow one another to speak to each other without having to yell to be heard above the music. This can be a great way to surprise your significant other, to showcase just how much they mean to you, and with adding these piano mixes into the dinner…you cannot fail. Don’t spoil the night and learn the know-how of kissing!